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    Our assessment evaluates where your organization is on its journey to digital first healthcare. After the assessment we will provide your results and thought-provoking content from our experts. Next, schedule a free jumpstart session with our team to discuss your results and determine next steps.

    Our Methodology

    We work with companies across the care continuum to deliver superior patient outcomes, organizational efficiency, reduced cost of care, and organic growth. We do this by enhancing digital engagement, engineering digital front door experiences, enabling ecosystem interoperability, and modernizing legacy technology architectures.

    Reimagine Consumer & Patient Journey Start with embracing consumer centricity and patient success as a key pillar of organization strategy that comes from the top down
    Develop a Multi-Pronged Digital Front Door Strategy Engage early, enable self-service, offer virtual care, and digitally enhance internal stakeholder experiences through a digital front door
    Build a Healthcare Consumer 360 Data & Activation Hub Activate consistent omnichannel communications, recommendations and information based on insights from a unified consumer profile
    Stand Up A Digital Technology Architecture Legacy modernization, integrated CRM, reduced tech debt, cloud adoption & agile
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    4 Pillars For Delivering Consumer & Patient Centric Digital First Healthcare

    Organizations across the care continuum are realizing a need for better insights, engagement, and technology. But how do you piece all of that together to truly create a digital first, consumer and patient centric healthcare ecosystem?

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    Key Insights

    Schedule Your Free Workshop

    To ensure we're providing an experience tailored to your organization’s unique initiatives, we are offering you the choice of one of our free half day workshops:

    Workshop Themes

    • Patient Journey & the Omnichannel Experience - Whether you’re just getting started on persona and journey work or well on your way and need to kick start delivering a digital experience, Productive Edge will meet you where you are to drive key outcomes quickly
    • Unlocking Digital Disruption through Architecture - No matter what your digital goals, the keys to innovation and agile delivery are made or broken by your architectural roadmap. Productive Edge will work with your team to assess your current environment, articulate gaps, and pinpoint the must-have technologies for your short and long term goals
    • Driving Digital Priorities in a "Business As Usual" Reality - If your organization has hit the gridlock of balancing needs of a digital business model and current priorities or barriers, Productive Edge will support rapidly identifying those biggest challenges and quick solutions